The painter is the puppeteer

The painter handed over to others is a puppet but he wants to be the puppeteer… to move and manage the products of his imagination… his “dolls”, his dreams.


He does not give a performance for others, often he does not show off his mannequins, because he hangs them only in his visionary memory. Many mannequins have already been painted, but not many puppets; those puppets where the lack of differentiation accepts that the mirror reflects only that which is all the same.


Hang yourself, puppet!

… But why hung up, hung? For fear of the others, of the next spectators, fear of the painter?


A painter worn out also by the previous paintings, alluring and captivating. These mannequins silently protest the discomfort of painting and their awareness of being antique, like the author himself… the puppeteer who still believes in stressing that the world, but also his vision, is an uncivilized puppet-theater, where the false socialization produces rapid communication rather than a silent discomfort, faltering and slow, as it should be.

Slow, let us go slowly…


Concetto Pozzati