In January 2020 the Archivio Concetto Pozzati was founded in Bologna at the behest of his children, Maura and Jacopo Pozzati, in the form of a non-profit cultural association, to bring together all the documentation on the artist’s activity and to protect his work, foster research and awareness of it, promote his writings and critical thinking and create collective and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad, both in public and private institutions.

President: Jacopo Pozzati

Director: Maura Pozzati

Management Committee: Francesco Francica, Massimo Penco, Maura and Jacopo Pozzati and Luigi Tinti

Scientific Committee: Laura Cherubini, Giovanni Iovane, Gianfranco Maraniello and Maura Pozzati

Authentication Committee: Maura and Jacopo Pozzati

Any collectors who wish to do so are kindly invited to inform the Archive of any documentation held on the artist, including paintings, catalogues and correspondence to be found in private and public collections.


The Archive will oversee the digitisation of the archived works and the monitoring of his artistic production found in national and international collections, in order to constitute a point of reference for experts and scholars, capable of promoting and enhancing not only Concetto Pozzati’s artistic activities but also his valuable cultural and intellectual contributions.


In order to promote awareness and protection of Concetto Pozzati’s thought and art on a national and international level, the Archive will also carry out the following activities:


– archiving of works and issue of the relative archive certification;

– creation of a reasoned collection of documents and testimonies (papers, volumes, catalogues, printed articles, manuscripts, photographs, films, interviews, etc.);

– consulting for the staging of monographic and group exhibitions;

– organisation of exhibitions, conventions, conferences, debates, lessons on Pozzati Concept and his time, also on behalf of third parties;

– consulting for the publication of books, magazines, critical essays, articles, documentary studies and dissertations;

– consulting for the restoration of works.



Concetto Pozzati’s works that have already been archived in the five volumes Concetto Pozzati.

Archivio Generale, published by Maretti Editore between 2009 and 2016, are deemed to be archived and authenticated.


For the correct archiving of the works not published in the five Volumes of Concetto Pozzati. Archivio Generale, it is therefore necessary to send the following documentation to Maura Pozzati, Via Valdonica 4, 40126 Bologna:


– 2 photos 18×24 cm of the front of the work in its entirety, with the edges of the work visible, without contours, cropping or any kind of photographic retouching;

– 2 photos 18×24 cm of the back of the work in its entirety, with the edges of the work visible, without contours, cropping or any kind of photographic retouching;

– photos of the signature or any significant details for identification (labels, archive numbers, dates, writings, dedications, etc.);

– caption (title, year, technique, size, exemplar);

– info sheet of the work completed in all parts;

– any certificates, invoices or other documentation accompanying the work.

Professional quality images in TIFF digital format – with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and a size of not less than 30 cm base – must be sent on DVD.

The Archive also reserves the right to summon the owner to view the work first hand prior to issuing the archive certificate.

After sending the photos to the Archive and obtaining approval of their quality, in order to carry out verification and archiving procedures, a fee will be paid for each work, to be sent by bank transfer to:

Archivio Concetto Pozzati

Bank account in the name of Jacopo Pozzati and Maura Pozzati

IBAN IT83T0307502200CC8500787053


The fees to be paid for the examination of the work are as follows:

Works on Canvas and on Wood
€ 300.00 (inc. VAT) for works from the ‘60s and ’70s
€ 250.00 (inc. VAT) for all works post-1980

Works on Paper
€ 180.00 (inc. VAT) for works from the ‘60s and ’70s
€ 150.00 (inc. VAT) for all works post-1980

This fee must be paid before the meeting of the Authentication Committee. In the absence of such payment, the Archive will not be required to provide any opinion, nor will any statement be made on the authenticity or non-authenticity of the work.

Should the photographs provided be insufficient and/or unsuitable for the formulation of an opinion, the Concetto Pozzati Archive reserves the right to analyse the work first hand, having it sent to the Archive’s headquarters or another venue as stated by the Archive.


The Archive will withhold the work only for the time strictly necessary for its direct examination by the Authentication Committee, with the Applicant’s obligation to collect it after examination.


Any declaration of authenticity of the work will be issued in writing by Maura and Jacopo Pozzati, as the heirs of Maestro Concetto Pozzati; otherwise, the Authentic Committee will inform the Applicant orally or in writing of the impossibility to issue a declaration of authenticity.


The work will be included in the Concetto Pozzati Archive and a declaration of authenticity will be issued only if there is no doubt about its authenticity.


Subject to the consent of the legitimate owner, the archived works may be published in books (also, if appropriate, in the next volume of the Archivio Generale), journals, critical essays, articles, documentary studies, and/or may be the object of loan requests for solo or collective exhibitions, as well as the subject of in-depth scientific studies, including conferences, lectures, debates, lectures on Concetto Pozzati and his era.